nu Evolution Smart Production

The modern Industry 4.0 tool for craftsmen and sheetmetal factories

nuEVOLUTION Smart Production is an extension for nuEVOLUTION Digital Documents.

As an extension to nuEVOLUTION Digital Documents, production machines can directly be linked to the IMS - Intelligent Management System in order for production data to be automatically sent to the respective machine. Digital Documents must be installed in order to be able to implement Smart Production.

Functions of nuEVOLUTION Smart Production:

IMS – Intelligent Management System (ugrade from Digital Documents to Smart Production)

DIRECT MACHINE NETWORKING for automated transfer of data to the respective production unit

Sending PRODUCTION DATA to coil systems and bending machines

WASTE AND CUTTING OPTIMIZATION: combination of multiple orders

PRODUCTION CALENDAR for capacity and resource planning, individual approval of production orders

Additional module:

TEXT-MESSAGE SERVICE - automated status messages for mobile phones


Folder nu EVOLUTION Smart Production

It's so easy:

Step 1 Register online unter or contact your local representative.
Step 2 The activation of your administrator account will be effected within five working days. You will receive your package within 14 working days:
- nu EVOLUTION CONTROLS Mini-PC (machine communication)
- User Manual
Step 3 Configuration of the IMS: upload of company logo, indication of company details, nu EVOLUTION settings, entering materials, parameters of coil system, creating user accounts
Step 4 Configuration of machines**: establishing connection between Mini-PC and internal company network (including port forwarding)

**Requirements for machine networking:
Machine type listed in the nuIT machine portfolio; further machines upon request; Local FTP server with external access (port forwarding; for details, please refer to - coming soon); Entering the static IP address into the IMS (Intelligent Management System)

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