We are shaping the future

The nuIT GmbH is a young, innovative enterprise from Austria with more than 10 years of practical experience in the field of highly efficient metal trim production.

Gerhard Resch, Managing Director of the METAFLEX Kanttechnik GmbH, has developed, in cooperation with Bernhard Kuderer, Managing Director of the KOMUNITAS OG, a software for the entire division of the in-house metal trim production enterprise as well as a fully automatic production cell. Since 2009, this software has been constantly developed further, on account of the great success of METAFLEX and the strong market interest, in the year 2015 the decision was taken to design the software on a modular basis and to implement together a unique, efficient solution for the global market - the web-based nu EVOLUTION software.

By means of the software products of the nu EVOLUTION series, nuIT and their partners set new standards in the field of fine metal processing:

nu EVOLUTION is the result of a symbiotic connection between IT and automation know-how and the practical know-how from metal trim production. From mobile entering of construction data up to partly or fully automatic production of metal trims, nu EVOLUTION offer state-of-the-art solutions for metal processing enterprises. Using nu EVOLUTION, an enterprise becomes an "intelligent factory", which enables high flexibility towards customer requirements and market conditions through company-wide networking and optimization of production and logistic processes.

Online shop with core piece of innovative drawing surface

Using the innovative web-based drawing surface, profiles may be drawn (e.g. on the construction site), calculated and ordered or sent to production live. In addition to administration of profiles (saving of drawings), additional articles may be added and numerous further functions may be used. The nu EVOLUTION Smart Production additionally facilitates machine networking (coil systems and bending machines), in order to be able to convey data automatically to the production unit. Orders may be combined and be waste-optimized together.

IMS – Intelligent Management System

In addition, the IMS ("Intelligent Management System") in the background is the basis for providing relevant information concerning all topic-based divisions in real time. From very precise materials management, labeling, numerous controlling analyses, document management and planning of logistics up to automatically generated status SMS to the customer, nu EVOLUTION fulfills all wishes. (administration of users, orders, materials, articles).

Metal, wood, glass & other fields

Due to the high demand of other industrial sectors, nuIT is willing to transfer the “smart-metal-factory” expertise also to other fields. If you are interested – just give us a call!

Our Team

We proudly present our team including highly skilled people with a big heart and passion for their work. nuIT cooperates with a network of specialists as well as universities like FH St. Pölten in fields of „Smart engineering of production technologies and processes“. Together we make everything possible!

Gerhard Resch

Managing Director

Michael Kutschera

Project Manager

David Schwarz

Frontend Developer &
3D Visualization

Michael Emberger

Backend Developer

Jürgen Prömer

Backend Developer &
System Admin

Michael Macher

Management Support

Daniel Rainer

Backend Developer &
Production optimization